Student Recitals

We believe in music!  We teach music because not only we love music but also music is a fundamental element of life.  As Martin Luther said…

“Music is a discipline, and a mistress of order and good manners, she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable.”

~ Martin Luther~


Please wear something nice to celebrate the day!  Please do not wear bracelets or rings if you are playing instrument.

Length of the repertories

Please prepare a song or even more but your stage time cannot exceed more than 6 minutes including walking up to the stage, bowing, and performance to make the recital procedure much smoother.

Performance Etiquette

All performers/students and also audience will stay quiet for the entire show to show respect to the performers/students.  If you have to leave the room for restroom, please use the applause time to make the noise level minimum.

All performers will bow before the performance and after to the audience.  Give a big smile for a photo moment!

Ji Eun Lee Music Academy

Our Location

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