Pano has been playing, performing, and recording guitar for nearly two decades. He has been teaching the craft for five years. He was born in Greece and raised in the Lake District in England.

He has a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English Studies and Philosophy from the University of Stirling in Scotland. Pano also has studied at the Open University and has successfully completed advanced music courses such as Teaching Secondary Music, Recording Music and Sound and Discovering Music Through Listening.

His style of teaching is relaxed but forms a bedrock of Guitar Music Theory. He teaches songs from each student’s favorite genre, usually with Guitar Tablature, and eventually learning by ear.

He excels in the genres of Brit-Pop, Rock, and Blues and enjoys teaching Jazz, Funk and Reggae styles. Pano also offers lessons in Bass guitar and can teach anything from picking aggressive Punk bass lines to funky slap techniques.

During his downtime, he enjoys reading Sci-fi, traveling to new places, and going to concerts to discover new and exciting sounds.