Dr. Sarah holds a Doctorate in Piano Performance from Ball State University.

Performing and teaching has always been a dream and passion for me. I started playing piano when I was 4 and went to a private music pre-college school in China. My performance has taken me across US, Europe and China. (Performed Solo at Piano Plus Music Festival at Corfu Greece in June 2017; Solo performance and Chamber at InterHarmonany Music Festival at Acqui Terme, Italy in July 2017 and July 2019.) 2010 was a special year for me because I met my mentor Yafen Zhu who is Langlang’s previous teacher and currently teacher at Renmin University of China. She inspired me to improve my potential music ability. I obtained a deeper understanding of music and virtuosity, which I am still developing. She always told me the story of how Lang Lang worked extremely hard to achieve his goals and was willing to sacrifice anything for his dreams. From that time I was setting him as my role model, inspiring me whenever I felt down or had a hard time while learning. There is no doubt that hard work paid off. It has been my life credo and I’m still working towards it

In 2014 I came to the United States to attend Bowling Green State University, because I felt this school would help to further my comprehensive musical ability. I finished my Music Certificate program and am finishing the master’s degree, absorbing musical instruction, developing my voice and becoming musically mature under Dr. Satterlee’s instruction and inspiration. I became ambitious and eager to explore a deep understanding of music and to gain technical virtuosity. I have a firm faith toward music and piano. I believe that classical music has the power to evoke the purest, most tender emotions in humans. We have a higher calling to transfer music through our fingertips to our audiences’ hearts. This is my special mission, which helps me to overcome any obstacle, frustration or stress now and for the rest of my musical life.

My goal of my entire teaching process is to contribute to my students knowledge of the musical and technical ability of their instrument and inspire them in many aspects. I love to give unconditional support and assistance in the music field that helps individual students achieve their ultimate objective. I believe there is no bad students, only a un-thoughtful teacher. Motivation is teachers’ main role to evoke and inspire students to find the Real joy out of piano and music, in order to make a change in their life and achieve their ultimate goals.