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Mom Chorus

Our Mission

Mom Chorus promotes the strength, diversity, and empowerment of mom’s through quality vocal ensemble music to entertain and inspire our community.

Our Vision

To provide a sanctuary from the difficult job of being a mom by coming together with like-minded mother’s who share the common interest of singing.  Through our shared interest in love of music we will entertain the community while empowering and celebrating womanhood.

Mom chorus

A Brief History

Fishers business woman Ji-Eun (pronounced June) Lee founded Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy in 2004.  Ji-Eun has a Master of Music in piano performance from Jacob School of Music at Indiana University.  She is an active piano instructor and theater director and has served on worship teams, been artistic director for Church and community music groups, and has co-directed Church choirs.  Ji-Eun is also a mother and homeschooled both her daughters from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

At the core of Ji-Eun’s music school was her love of music and desire to give back to her community through musical experiences.  Mom Chorus grows from that desire.  The chorus is to be more than a women’s choir.  We affirm we love being a mom, but acknowledge it’s a hard job!  We spend our time serving others.  Between making meals, household chores, running the kids around to activities, and work, we easily lose time for ourselves.  Mom Chorus seeks to reclaim “me time” through vocal ensemble experiences.


Formal performances will be held in the same location as rehearsals, The Switch Theatre.  However, other fun performances will also be organized at Assisted Living centers, hospitals, community events, etc.  Performances will be “off script,” meaning they will be memorized.  To assist members a professionally recording accompaniment track will be provided for each song.

Formal performances will be ticketed events.  Other “fun” performances and events will usually be voluntary at no additional cost to participate or attend.

Spring Show – June 4 at 2:30pm at The Switch Theater


Rehearsals will meet once per week at The Switch Theatre inside Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy.  They will begin with optional 15 to 20 minute ‘tea time’ with light refreshments where members can enjoy social time and get to know one another.

Songs will be practiced outside of rehearsals.  The rehearsals will be for rehearsing the songs and the final performance.  Each rehearsal will be led by a professional Director and accompanist.  Rehearsal time will last roughly 90 minutes.


There is no cost to tryout.  Tryouts are private and will be held in room 103 at Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy.  For tryout you should come prepared to sing the Start Spangled Banner with your comfortable key.  Memorization is not required.


Registration fee: $50


Tryout before registering!

Ji Eun Lee Music Academy

Our Location

0029 East 126th Street
Suite D
Fishers, Indiana. 46038