Full Synopsis

High above the waters of Sydney Harbour, Nigel, Sprit, Tiller, and Jib, a squadron of storytelling pelicans, introduce us to Marlin and his kid Nemo, two clownfish who live in the Great Barrier Reef (“One Dedicated Father”).

Nemo, who was born with one fin smaller than the other – referred to as a “lucky fin” – can hardly wait to begin the first day of school. An overprotective Marlin struggles to let his kid go for the very first time (“Big Blue World”). Professor Ray whisks Nemo and the other Reef Kids to the Drop-Off for their first educational adventure, causing Marlin to panic. Upon spotting
a mysterious boat lurking just beyond the reef, Nemo’s classmates sneak towards it, daring each other to go further into the deep water. When a terrified Marlin arrives and scolds the children, Nemo defiantly charges further out and is captured by a diver’s net (“Abduction”).

In his frantic search for Nemo, Marlin swims into Dory, a friendly yet forgetful fish who offers to help (“Dory’s Ditty”). Unknowingly, Marlin and Dory float into shark territory, where they meet Bruce, a great white shark, and a whole frenzy of sharks trying to adopt fish-free diets (“Fish Are Friends Not Food”). Amidst the sharks’ gathering, Marlin spots a diver’s mask lying on the ocean
floor, and Dory turns to the sharks for help reading the inscription, hoping it will offer a clue to find Nemo. Doubting her judgment, Marlin struggles with Dory over the mask, accidentally causing her nose to bleed. The scent of blood ignites Bruce’s insatiable appetite for fish, and

while Marlin and Dory escape, they lose the diver’s mask in the process.

Meanwhile, in a tank at the Sydney Harbour Aquarium, a scared Nemo longs for home. Members of the Tank Gang reassure Nemo, and with Gill’s leadership, they hatch a plan to clog the fish tank and escape into the ocean as a team. With the Tank Gang’s help, Nemo successfully jams the tank’s filter (“We Swim Together”).

Back in the ocean, Dory tries to cheer Marlin up as the search for Nemo continues, but Marlin is frustrated by her quirky antics (“Just Keep Swimming – Part 1”). Luckily, they reunite with the diver’s mask, which has the address of where Nemo was taken. In their excitement over the recovered mask, Marlin and Dory unknowingly swim into a dangerous forest of Jellyfish that sting Dory and overwhelm them both (“Just Keep Swimming – Part 2”).

Although their journey took a wrong turn, Marlin and Dory are rescued by a large colony of Sea Turtles who guide them through the fast-moving East Australian Current. CRUSH, a wise and laid-back sea turtle, gives Marlin some advice on mellowing out and learning to trust his kid (“Go With the Flow”).

After a totally tubular ride through the current, news about Marlin and Dory’s trek to find Nemo spreads throughout the ocean, reaching the Tank Gang all the way at the Sydney Harbour Aquarium. While Nemo and the Tank Gang have successfully dirtied up the tank for their escape plan, they are still trapped by an immovable grate blocking the tank’s intake pipe. Only Nemo is
small enough to swim through the grate, but the appearance of an aquarium net threatens to stop Nemo from escaping. Determined to get Nemo back out to sea, the Tank Gang works together to break free of the net and coaches Nemo to swim through the grate and up the intake pipe. (“We Swim Together – Reprise”). They know that they’ll join Nemo out in the ocean someday.

In the ocean, Marlin worries that all hope is lost when, suddenly, Nemo flies out of the tank pipe! Their happy reunion in the harbour is suddenly interrupted when a giant fishing net appears, sweeping Dory up, along with a mass of FISH. Having learned from the Tank Gang how to free them, Nemo swims into the fray and instructs the captured fish to swim down together,
guiding Dory and the fish to freedom (“Just Keep Swimming Together”). With admiration for each other’s bravery, Marlin and Nemo make their way home with their new friend Dory (“Finale – Part 1”).

With faith in Nemo to take on all the adventures that await in the ocean, Marlin and Dory send Nemo off to school to go explore the big blue world (“Finale – Part 2”).

Character Breakdown


A curious young clownfish who brims with excitement to explore the wonders that lie beyond the Great Barrier Reef. Born with a “lucky fin” – or what humans would call a limb difference – Nemo quickly learns that the world possesses incredible dangers in addition to the promise of big adventures. By making new friends, finding strength within, and practicing teamwork, Nemo transforms into a capable and brave leader, able to self-advocate and take on challenges big and small.

Gender: Any
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: A3


An anxious clownfish and Nemo’s overprotective father who prefers the safety of his anemone to the frightening unknowns of the open ocean. As he travels across the sea in search of Nemo, Marlin develops the courage to face the unpredictable ocean and the wisdom to trust others – including his own kid.

Gender: Male
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: A3


An optimistic and bubbly blue tang, experiences frequent short-term memory loss and finds herself wandering through the ocean with no place to call home. Sparking friendships with whomever she meets, Dory immediately offers to help Marlin find his lost child, and the two set out on an adventurous journey through the ocean. Along the way, Dory’s kindness and bright spirit ease Marlin’s fears, and the unlikely duo finds comfort and family in each other. Look for a performer with great charisma and a stage presence that can light up a room.

Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Nigel, Sprit, Tiller & Jib

A knowledgeable pod of pelicans, are the show’s helpful narrators. These informative birds are responsible for conveying important plot points and must be played by enthusiastic actors with excellent diction and volume.

Gender: Any

Sea Chorus

Functions as the general ensemble, creating the environment of the play and becoming the characters that Marlin and Dory interact with on their journey to Sydney. They will also help with the transitions from the Ocean to the Aquarium Tank. Your Sea Chorus can be filled with any species of sea creatures you would like, but below are the featured roles that can emerge from this Ensemble:

  • YOUNG SEA TURTLES (1 & 2),
  •  SEAHORSES (1 & 2)
  • FISH are a school of fish, including FISH 1
Reef Kids
  • PEARL, a friendly flapjack octopus who is quick to befriend Nemo.
  • SHELDON, an H2O-intolerant seahorse with an appetite for trouble who taunts Nemo to swim beyond the reef.
  • TAD, a self-admittedly obnoxious butterflyfish who joins Sheldon in encouraging Nemo to swim past the Drop-Off
Professor Ray

A stingray and Nemo’s enthusiastic teacher, takes pride in sharing the curiosities and marvels of the world with the class and encourages every student to be a brave explorer.

Gender: Any

Scuba Mask Dancer

A performer responsible for floating the diver’s mask through the water whenever it appears onstage. You can make this role’s choreography as complex or as simple as you like depending on your selected actor’s dance level and experience.

Gender: Any


An intimidating great white shark, is the sharks’ ringleader. Despite Bruce’s best efforts to adopt a vegetarian diet, Bruce loses control and is sent into a frenzy, threatening to devour every fish in sight.

Chum and Anchor

Two of Bruce’s shark friends, try to live vegetarian lifestyles but are eventually forced to restrain an out-of- control Bruce from eating innocent fish.

Gender: Any


A yellow tang who is captivated by bubbles, is one of the first to welcome Nemo to the tank. This friendly fish exclusively uses the word “bubbles” to communicate.


An open-minded and supportive blowfish, is proud to be part of the Tank Gang family and helps keep everyone’s spirits up, even when things seem bleak.

Gender: Any


Frightened of strangers and the germs they carry with them, is a royal gramma who enjoys the safety and regulated cleanliness of the tank.

Gender: Any


A mature and down-to-earth starfish, offers guidance and reassurance to all those who need it.

Gender: Any


A relentless and inspiring leader who will stop at nothing to return to the freedom of the ocean. This Moorish idol fish believes in the Tank Gang and concocts countless plans to bust them out of the aquarium. Gill is the first fish Nemo has ever met with a similar “fin difference,” quickly becoming a mentor and inspiration for the young clownfish.

Gender: Any

Sea Turtles & Sea Turtle Kids

Righteously mellow creatures featured in “Go With the Flow.”

  • CRUSH, a 150-year-old sea turtle who knows how to hang loose, teaches Marlin a thing or two about being a good parent. Look for a strong singer who can confidently belt “Go With the Flow” to make it a truly radical jam.
  • SQUIRT, offspring of Crush, fearlessly twirls through turbulent waters of the ocean and enjoys trying out cool new moves in the high- speed EAC.
  • KAI and BREEZE each have individual singing solos in “Go With the Flow.”

Song list

  • One Dedicated Father
  • Big Blue World
  • Fish Are Friends Not Food
  • We Swim Together
  • Just Keep Swimming (Part 1)
  • Just Keep Swimming (Part 2)
  • Go With The Flow
  • We Swim Together (Reprise)
  • Just Keep Swimming Together
  • Finale (Part 1)
  • Finale (Part 2)


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