Youth Theater

Youth Theater

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Theater Prep to Full, Age Appropriate Production

Children really love our youth theater program that features age-appropriate productions of popular children’s theatrical shows with rehearsals taking place on our stage!  Our students will learn valuable theater arts training including acting, choreography, singing, stage timing, costuming and make-up, develop confidence and make friends.  Every youth theater production is managed backstage entirely by the students with no director or helpers!  The students learn their costume changes, stage timing, and deal with in-production issues on their own.  We believe it is an essential part of teaching them not only how to perform on stage, but how to perform behind the stage too!

Summer Camp

Show in a week ages 5-12

Show In A Week

Ages 7 to 12

This summer camp is comparable to our full Kidz Theater productions, but the entire show is rehearsed in a single week ending with one, ticketed show on the Friday of each camp.  The same, professionally scripted and musical recordings are used for these productions.  Campers can expect to have a lot of fun learning the same songs, basic choreography, and lines in these shows.  Costumes and make-up, within the time limits are included.  Modest props and a minimalist set is provided for the show-in-a-week productions, mostly due to time constraints.

Theater Prep Camp

Ages 5 to 7

Our younger students can also enjoy musical theater in a camp setting.  Campers will learn to read, sing songs, basic choreography/dancing, monologues and more!

Each camp is only 2 hours a day and every camp has different content so students can enroll in multiple camps (for half day and full day students).

Summer camp
Thetater prep

Theater Prep

Ages 5-7

This program is designed for the aspiring young actors and actresses who have the itch to sing, dance, and act!

Each class will have 3 to 8 students where students will learn the basics of theatrical arts.  Standalone scenes are taught.  The program ends with a short skit where our burgeoning young stars will get to showcase what they have learned!

Click on the program below for more details on each prep class.

Kids Programs

Ages 7 and up

Theater Kids programs are for children 7 years old an up.  No experience necessary.  Every student who enrolls is guaranteed a role in production!

Students will learn script reading, acting, singing, age-appropriate choreography/dancing, costuming, theater makeup and more!

First rehearsal: Students will receive their own script and professionally recorded practice tracks are provided to every student.  Students will learn an audition song.

Second rehearsal: Students will audition so the Director can assign roles to each student.

See each show’s details for detailed explanation of that show including a rehearsal-by-rehearsal schedule and breakdown.

Theater Kids shows typically run about 30 minutes with no intermission.  Every production will have 2 to 3 shows. Shows are ticketed with assigned seating.

Junior Programs

4th Grade and up

Theater Junior programs are for students in fourth grade and up.  Experience is helpful, but not required.  Auditions are required for these programs, but every student who enrolls is guaranteed a role in the production.

Auditions are held the second or third rehearsal.  Most shows are two acts and run 60 to 75 minutes with an intermission.  Most productions have three, ticketed shows.

Click on the show of interest for more details about each production

Junior programs
Tech and Stage Crew

Tech and Stage Crew

Ages 12 and up
For students who want to be part of musical theater, but who do not want to be in the spotlight, “tech” is the place for you!

Student techs will help with the show-behind-the-show learning what is needed back stage between scenes or if they are helping in the tech booth they will learn sound, lights, video, and follow spot operation, and more!

Student techs are required to be at the final two rehearsals and every show, but do not have to be at every other rehearsal.  Attendance for 4 to 5 rehearsals is strongly recommended so the tech crew can learn the show, get to know the cast, and enjoy the fun!


What ages can join?

We have programs for theater students aged 5 to 18 years old.  18 year old students must still be in school.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary by program ranging between $100 to $400 per program. For a full price list see registrations below.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to limited availability and advanced licensing costs for these programs, refunds are not available once you enroll.

How many students per class?

Theater Prep classes range from 3 to 8 students per class.  Our Kidz and Jr. productions typically have between 20 to 25 students per cast. 

Are Shows Free?

No.  All shows are ticketed events with assigned seating at the time of purchase.  We price our theater productions taking into account these ticket costs, which puts more control in the hands of the parents as they can choose how many tickets they want to buy for each production.

What other costs exist?

The enrollment fee covers the cost of rehearsals, the program (music, scripts), sets, and major props.  Additional costs will include costume, character specific props that are part of costume, make-up, and show tickets.

Are costumes included in program fee?

No.  Costumes are the responsibility of each student.  Our productions are priced accordingly taking into account this additional cost, but most costumes can be assembled or purchased for anywhere from $15 to $50.  Goodwill is your friend!